"My goal is to transform ideas into
visual communication concepts."


Now established in Montreal, I've been working since 1999 into the world of graphic design
and illustration, always with the strong idea to convert my imagination in a communication
tool, creating a high standart product everytime I start a project and letting my portfolio extends
itself to a big range of directions.

That experience had let me work for people like STM- Societé de Transport de Montréal,
CTC Communication, ACNUR-UNHCR, OIM, Universidad Javeriana, Legis, Educar Editores,
Azucar & Azuquita, Galería Alonso Arte, Pimpollo S.A., Manimator Studio, Editorial Prolibros,
Sociedad de Contadores Javerianos, ASCCODI, Stratégica identidad corporativa and Frick !

Here's my CV to download.